It doesn’t matter what people call you, only what you answer to.

This saying speaks to our receptivity to words.  The name/label we accept for ourselves can ultimately affect our spirit and experiences in life.  My Kemetic (Egyptian) name is Maati Ausara-t which means Dual Goddess of truth and righteousness manifesting as the one unified God.  For some that may be a mouthful, but it is me.  My name is my mantra.  It holds the key that ultimately unlocks my purpose.  This mantra, each time it is spoken, nurtures my incarnation objective.  Upon receiving this name (which came through divination process) I was told to never allow my name to be shortened to appease others.  I admit although my name is fairly simple I do refer to myself simply as Maati.  However, I truly get that in order to receive the full power that my mantra possesses it should be stated each and every time in its entirety. 

On occasion people question why I have not had my name “legally” changed.  I don’t put much energy into that and don’t feel the need to make something that is in the eyes of the government or to make it easier for anyone in…it just isn’t much of a concern and if people feel confused by that then so be it. 

Both of my children have Kemetic names and my husband and I take the naming process very seriously.  We wait until after our children are born and then readings and astrological charts are done in order to determine their purpose and the names that will be the most nurturing to the fulfillment of that purpose.  Once there name is determined I whisper it to them constantly while they are infants, especially during breastfeeding and quiet moments at night.  I weave their names and their meanings into sweet lullabies and watch them drift into dreamland.  During breastfeeding and during night hours the little ones are extremely receptive, these are good times to seed anything in our children…our prayers, healing energy, heartfelt apologies, adoring smiles, etc.

Names are beautiful things.  They hold our power and bring strength to our spirits.  Our children on the path should be taught to be proud of their names.  They should be allowed to refuse nicknames as well without question.  Our children are here to manifest greatness so if they are free enough to reject the bookies, poo butts and lil this and big that etc. then by all means please respect them and their mission!  Words have spiritual sound power….please use them wisely.