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 Tapping into raw feminine energy…Discovering my immortality!




If you cannot face directly into your sexuality,
You will never discover your true spirituality.
Your Earthly Spirit leads to discovering your Heavenly Spirit.
Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize [heal] you.

—White Tigress Manual

Wayne B. Chandler | The 7 Stages of Female Sexual Alchemy

Level I. Mastery of the Female Deer Exercise

The female deer exercise is compsoed of two powerful techniques: one is the breast massage while the other is awakening and moving the microcosmic orbit meditation.

The breast massage is a natural means of shortening a womans monthly bleeding cycle. Usually from 5 to 8 days down to one and a half or two. The breast massage also balances the hormones, prevents cysts, tumors and breast cancer because of the abundance of energy it delivers to areas that are typically devoid of such refined energetic contact.

The microcosmic orbit is a very powerful means to repattern and circulate life force in a woman’s body. It reverses the aging process, removes energetic stagnation which can lead to serious health issues, feeds the internal organs and the body as a whole with life force, and creates the union of kan and li or masculine and feminine energy within her.

Level II. Ovarian breathing

Breathing into the ovaries creates a tremendous amount of life force and reproductive power. Because of the quality of life force, chi or prana produced, it aids greatly in toning the entire reproductive and sexual area as well as balancing hormonal secretions.

Level III. The Jade Egg Practice

The jade egg is a profound transformative and transmutive technique for
healing and enlivening a woman’s sexual and reproductive area. It is able to
transform confined sexual energy of an abusive nature brought on by undesired sex, rape and incest which has been stored in the cells. It clears these abusive signitures by transmuting them into higher healthier fields of constructive prana, life force or chi. In this way, its ability to release abusive toxic sexual signitures is both a psycho emotional release as well as physical. The jade egg enables the woman to experience great elevated states of pleasure that were unknown to her before. On a physical plane, the jade egg is unriveled for toning, strengthening, and activating the automatic contraction sequences found in the three vaginal rings. These sequences when active, flood the entire system with immense pleasure and life force making aberrant tissue growth virtually impossible.

Level IV. The Upward Draw

After the creative sexual force has been refined by the above practices, the
woman, via the upward draw will bring this life energy into the upper regions
of the brain in what is called single cultivation practice. Here in the brain,
the life force activates the 4th and 5th brain circuits. These are the circuits
that lend themselves to the states of esp, extra ordinary fields of perception,
telepathy, and deeper connection with self empowering attributes which
emenate from chakra activation or stimulation.

Level V. Dual Cultivation

Upon becoming accomplished in the aforementioned disciplines, a woman is
now ready to congress with her significant other in the exchange of dual transcendental sexual practices. If she is not active then she is still patterned
within her being to create a divine union with self love as she fuses the two energies of kan and li in her being. This is divne love, unconditional love, an expression of universal love that leads to true meditative oneness.

Level VI. Transcendence

After a woman has begun to traverse these new innerscapes of consciousness with the practices at hand, she has created the groundwork for many different powerful forms of meditation and the creation of internal guides or devices which will reside within her for her use when needed. She can now proceed to nei kung , the internal feminine aspect to chi kung.

Level VII. Holism

At this level a woman has opened herself to be conduit, healer of self and others and is able to transform energy at will into different expressions, textures and densities. She has arrived and can dictate her path, her direction as she reconfigures her own reality.


Clitoral truth

A must read for any woman wondering “what’s going on down there?” This book goes in depth about the magnificent phenomena of female ejaculation historical perspectives on the female anatomy and how to connect more with your clitoris. The author also provides a great list of resources in the back!


Sacred Womb Conjure


For the past year or so I have been going through an initiation process that required me to enter into a different realm of my existence. During that time I also took part in rituals of death and rebirth and I came out on the other side once again transformed and inspired.
Through all of my life’s transitions one thing that has remained consistent is my alignment with cultivating my sexual energy. It is who I am and it has quietly strengthened my overall vitality and creative expression. The power of my raw essence continues to ignite me and incite further growth and mystery. It is a path that I have embraced very quietly…however I am slowly unfolding, consciously unraveling the layers as it becomes full..too full to I let go of the reins, releasing all inhibitions I see my true self filled with pure feminine power saying ….”you are just in time…now let me show you how to really live!”

Spring equinox: Rising exhilaration


Spring 2013

It is that time of year again! Im wondering who has experienced any profound insights or opportunities within the past few weeks or so? The spring equinox is a time of slowly rising exhilaration. It is when nature reawakens and as reflections of pure cosmic order, we are reawakening more fully into who we are and what spiritual seeds we have planted during the winter solstice.

This phenomenon is very interesting and can be very rewarding. The spring equinox gives us a great reminder of our vibration and what ideas and desires we have put out into the universe.

You ever feel sometimes like you have so many desires and goals that it’s hard to keep up with yourself? Well, luckily the universe has no problem keeping count! And I truly believe that the more work we do to make ourselves vibrationally ready for what we want, the more we see those things manifest in our lives.

The springtime is a wonderful way to measure this readiness. I have recently experienced a number of desires and seeds that I have planted a few years back come totally into fruition in the past two weeks. So what was happening? What took so long? Well , think about it…..what if you got everything that you have prayed for( let’s just say in the last 6 months) and what if it all happened all at the same time?! Some say, “hell yeah that’s what’s up!” others may say. “wow, yeah that might be too much for me to manage all at once”.

So back to my point of being in alignment with what you want. It may take a little time, so as you grow and become more solid in being able to really carry your desires and experience them the way you saw it in your dream, you will find it slowly becoming more visible to you in your reality.

The spring equinox reminds us that we are magnificent manifestors and life is simply our experience of dreams unfolding.

Happy equinox


The regenerative and rebirthing energy of the spring is supported through the functions of the liver, the main detoxifier of the body.  Cleansing the system and fortifying the liver at the onset of spring improves our health and enhances our potential for success.  The primary organs focused on are the liver and colon.

some spring cleansing ideas

Detox Formula by Lily of the Desert

Aloe Vera in this formula helps improve the absorption of nutrients and reduction of nitrates/ Burdock supports blood purification/Acacia nourishes beneficial bacteria of colon/Milk Thistle supports liver purification and its healing/Dandelion supports liver function/Slippery Elm improves waste elimination from the colon.

Super Colon Cleanse by Health Plus

Gently cleanses the colon by providing gentle stimulation to peristalsis through senna, psyllium fiber and fennel. Helps restore healthy intestinal flora with acidophilus.  Rids the colon of accumulated toxins due to dietary errors, fatigue, stress, excessive consumption of toxins, slow elimination of hormones etc.

Liver Cleanse by Health Plus

Liver Cleanse is made with all natural ingredients that aid the liver by; detoxifying liver, providing antioxidants, assisting in bile production and enhancing liver function.  It is formulated with vitamin B6, artichoke extract, beet leaf, dandelion root, milk thistle, turmeric extract, black radish root, inositol, and astaxanthin, which work together synergistically to support liver function.

Vitamin C– at least 6,000 mgs daily- spread throughout the day

Cleansing Salad– 4-7 days- Raw salad (preferably organic) consisting of dandelion greens, chicory greens, mustard greens, watercress, onions, garlic.  consume daily with avocado and lemon juice as the dressing

Juice-fresh squeezed organic orange juice

Water-consume adequate water daily

Epsom Salt Bath-flushes toxins and heavy metals from the cells, helps eliminate harmful substances, relieves stress and relaxes body.



Let it all Go-Prepare for Abundance- Spring2012

excerpt from The Biz Magazine Spring issue

Shape shifting and transition, clearing away old/negative energy patterns, outward expansion; new ideals, reclaiming healthier relationships and pursuing new innovative business endeavors; these are all themes that are likely to be coming up for you during this Spring Equinox. 

 The Spring Equinox is the precise time when there is an equal amount of light and darkness and the scale is tipping towards an increase of light!  This is exciting because it is an opportune time to step into a new awareness, to make room for expansion and redefined potency in your life.  The Universe is on your side!

 How do we actually move towards light?  Oftentimes we are carrying baggage to the point that we literally cannot move forward.  This can leave you feeling stuck, unaccomplished and even physically sick.  In this negative state it is likely that you will not be able to fully utilize the energy of expansion this season.  Cloudy thinking and feeling unable to make decisions are just a few mental signs indicating the need for release.  On the other hand, physical signs can include; acne, constipation, headaches and chronic coughs and/or cold like symptoms.  What is your mind and body telling you?  Essentially these signs all point to the need to let go, allowing yourself to realign and recharge.

 We position ourselves to move towards light in order to embrace our desires and goals by making sure that our inner life is receptive to all that is positive and affirming around us and that our physical vehicle (our body) is fit and free of toxins.  Simply put, clarity within coincides with the clarity we see in our world and our decision making.  Achieving this balanced state ultimately translates into clearer and more focused intentions yielding quicker and stronger manifesting for your personal and professional lives.

Venus Moon



Venus Moon

Slithering out of bed

Tip toeing to that magical space

Coconut silky sugar creamy tingly stuff.

Breathing in like a pretty girl without a care in the world.

Exhaling tension, worries of what’s to come

What to make for breakfast and

“damn! I think I left the iron on”.


Steamy bliss all around

salt and sugar falling from my legs to the ground.

Excuse me…you mean to tell me you actually come here everyday?

Smellin good, hair glossy and new

Pretty pink toe nails in open toe shoes.

You smile and sing (I know with yearning and a dab of emptiness inside)

Behind the sugar silky candy stuff you sometimes hide.


Big blue me with oceans of love

Never giving it to myself

Neither coconut nor lavender scrub.

Longing to smell good and look new

But “shit I got too many things to do”

My body feels a surge when I see you comin

You walk towards me in the kitchen singing and hummin

she say…“hey girl what you been up to?”

I say…”Nothing”

she say…”Me neither”

But damn, why you smell like honeyrose and I smell like kitchen cleaner?


Since when does the ocean not display her salt water moonlit jewels?

Coral, pearl shells and juju pot divining tools?


I wanna feel your soft manicured hand

Go splashing in milk and honey land

Wear clothes that fit and pin up my hair

Feeling nothing but affirmed as others stare.

 Coconut silky sugar creamy tingly stuff

I wanna be filled up with you till it’s more than enough.


The kitchen is clean, clothes washed, children fed

Now, please come help me do something with this head!


Dry/Wet   Cold/Hot

Seeking Goddess balance

Acknowledging all I got!

womyn and gyrls reclaiming their immortality


Winter Solstice 2012

 Manifestation Kit

December 22, the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year giving us roughly four days when the sun stands still.  During this “high-energy-time”, meditation, prayer, cleansing and spiritual seed planting are all wonderful ways to ensure your deepest desires.  This is the most auspicious time for you to clearly state, meditate on and visualize what you want for the coming year! 

Prepare yourself for this divine time of deep introspection; the sun is literally preparing to start anew! And so can you!

MamasImmortal is offering a special Winter Solstice 2012 Manifestation Kit designed specifically to keep womyn intuned and aligned during this extremely critical time.  Our Manifestation Kit offers you just the support you need to take your goals and desires to the next level by incorporating our tried and true life coaching services with customized meditation, health and spiritual support!

Treat yourself to something better for 2012!


For an investment of $75


The Winter Solstice 2012 Manifestation Kit


-Weekly 30 minute life coaching sessions (4 wks by phone, webcast and/or skype)

-A Customized Manifestation Plan

complete with:

-a personal winter solstice oracle reading and interpretation

-customized 21 day Herbal & Fasting regimen

-4 day solstice menu planning and recipes


Order before Nov.25 get $10 off

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plant the spirtual seeds for your success…order now!




Divine Seed Sowing-

She is in everything


 Finally we come to the last season of the year and although many feel it is the end, it is actually a time for rebirth and renewal.  True, we are entering a phase of death and dying.  Many of us see the leaves changing, the flowers dying etc., but we must remember it is all in preparation for new life and beginnings.  December 22, the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year giving us roughly four days when the sun stands still.  During this high energy time meditation, prayer, cleansing and seed planting are all wonderful ways to ensure your deepest desires, wants and goals are fulfilled during the spring time.  This is the most auspicious time for you to clearly state, meditate on and visualize what you want for the coming year!  It is a time of deep introspection; the sun is literally preparing to start anew.  If you have committed yourself to following the simple manifestation steps highlighted in this series over the past year, then your soil has been properly cultivated and prepared, now its time to plant the seeds for that which you want to see come into fruition next Spring.

Interestingly enough the end of the year is packed with holiday distractions.   Just when the Universe is entering into a space of quietude and reflection we are inundated with holiday parties, overeating, drinking and consumerism.  This type of movement takes us directly out of alignment.  During such a sensitive time geared towards active seed planting for the next year isn’t it ironic that most people are maxing out credit cards and going into debt to purchase the new toy/technology, all while consuming twice as much food and we wonder why we are in debt next year or why our new years resolution is always to exercise more and eat better.  It’s truly a set up. By doing this you are basically planting seeds of illness and financial lack…who really wants that?

As much as possible (I know the pressure can be hard) try to sit still during this key time.  Take a week or so to cleanse your body and physical space.  Increase your water intake, meditate, sit still and get plenty of sleep.  The idea is to create a space of receptivity.  You want to tune in to the Universe.  There is a great deal of insight and abundance that awaits us all.